Terminals & Spotting

Cruise ships speak to the imagination. A lot of people visit Zeebrugge when there is a ship berthed in the port. On this page you can find some useful information to photograph the ships great in a good way! 

In Zeebrugge there are 3 berths were cruise ships can dock. The most used quay is berth the Zweedse Kaai (berth 702) where the biggest ships can dock. The other quays that are used is berth 103 (Maritime station) and berth 129 (Westerhoofd)

Swedish Quay


The largest cruise ships and therefore the most impressive ships are almost always moored at the Swedish Quay. Here 2 large cruise ships over 200 meters long can dock together. This terminal is also connected to the ABC Tower courtesy of shuttle buses that shuttle between the ship and the terminal.

Ships that are moored here can be perfectly photographed from the viewing platform that was built by the harbor authorities next to the P. Vandamme lock.

When the lock is closed (the blue bridges down) you can also walk to the other side of the bridges to get a better view of the side of the ship that is moored there.

This place is also highly recommended if you want to see the ship depart or sail, because you also have a view of the entrance to the Zeebrugse harbor!

Maritime Station

Smaller cruise ships (less than 200 meters) sometimes moor at the Sea Station. A ship moored there is a bit more difficult to photograph because of the port area.

The best way to spot these ships is from the Visserskruis at the end of the Paardenmarktstraat. From there you have a view of the side of the ship that is moored there.




When it's a busy day and there is no space enough at the Zweedse Kaai cruise ships often berth at the Westerhoofd. At the old containerterminal of Container Handling Zeebrugge there is the possibility to facilitate cruise ships.

Personally I'm fan of this location, as you have a perfect view on the vessels from the Fischermen's Cross!

Spot the ships from the water!